Top 3 Free Applications for Photo Editing (Part I)

If you don't want to pay a dime to put a sepia effect or black and white looks in your photos using your computer, here are 3 options that let you edit your photos very effectively and without paying a penny.

1. PhotoScape
One of the favorites in the world of photo editing. It is a tool with the best of both worlds, it is easy to use and free. Its very simple interface can appeal to the tastes of those wishing to do their work faster without further complications. If you want to try you can download it from the link here.

2. Paint.NET
This photo editing program has a long history and is one of my favorite free programs. It allows you to do work similar to Photoshop, but requires fewer resources on your computer, making it lighter for your work. For those not used to make heavy editing or to put many details in their photos can think the interface is a bit complicated. Still always good to experiment and learn something new, go ahead and download it from this link.

3. GIMP for Windows
GIMP is a popular free software developed for UNIX / LINUX. This is usually referred to as the  "Free PhotoShop" for its similarity in appearance and interfaces with Adobe Photoshop. However, this one is somewhat more complicated to learn and use, but when you have good skills, is a comprehensive editing tool. The version offered in this post is used in Windows and you can use to give it a download from this link.

If you know more or better free software for editing photos, you may suggest them.


Byakuya said...

I used every now and again, I'll have to try photoscape sometime.

Great post, some of these are just as useful as photoshop.

Shockgrubz said...

I love gimp. In some ways, it's more user friendly than photoshop.

LaezE Boy said...

I use photoshop, but don't do to much editing myself (too laezy)

Electric Addict said...

I'm a photoshop man myself but gets the job done as well!

Haunter said...

I learned to use photoshop at school but that program is like 10 thousand dollars. I got gimp and had no problem with it the few times I've made use of it. I'm not sure how user friendly you could say it is but if you are already familiar with ps you can transition into it easily enough. Nice blog.

Sacred Bob said...

Didn't know about PhotoScape. I should try that one.
How do PhotoScape and compare to Gimp?

Ragna said...

@Sacred Bob

I would say GIMP is a Swiss Army Knife that can do anything as long as you know how to use it. Paint.NET and PhotoScape are your Kokiri Sword, just swing it around and you can do many thigs easyly.

ToDecomposeDude said...

I usually use PhotoShop, but GIMP is easy to use and quite advanced for a freeware program

Batow said...

I love photoscape. I use it almost everyday.

hommakesgames said...

Somebody else told me about photoscape recently, I'll have to check it out.

Cid said...

I still use GIMP, started few years ago and it's so versatile, so expandable. I recommend it.
Never use PhotoScape or Paint.NET ło

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